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Clinical trials
Clinical trials
Patient consultation and treatment process
Date: 2019-12-18

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 International patients:

1. Patients can obtain information about the Institute through different channels: (1) the official website of The Shenzhen Geno-immune Medical Institute, (2) the International Clinical Trial Registration Website, (3) previous patient recommendations.

2. If there is a domestic intermediate contact, it can be carried out according to the domestic patient consultation process.

3. If there is no domestic intermediate contact, the patient can contact the expert group by email (gimi_trials@szgimi.org) to submit the medical records. The required documents consists in the main pathogenesis and treatment plan of the disease, the treatment methods and effects that have been performed, and the results of the latest imaging examination. The original documents (if applicable) of the report and the copy of the hospital, in particular, need to indicate whether they have been treated with immune cells. Our scientific team will go through all the documents and conduct a comprehensive evaluation, after which the patient will be contacted to proceed with follow-up consultation.

4. The Insitute is in charge of contacting the domestic receiving hospital and will carry out follow-up disease treatment according to the international patient treatment process.

5. Patients can choose to have the immune lymphocyte collection in Beijing or Shenzhen. The institute will begin preparing immunocyte preparations after receiving the sample. CAR-T preparation takes approximately 1 week, EIE preparation is approximately 1 month, and cancer vaccine preparation is approximately 1 week.

6. Patients need to be observed and pretreated in the hospital before they are infusion with immunocyte preparations. The follow-up staff of the GIMI will follow up the clinical data regularly after cell infusion. 

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